AGORA – Ancient Art

Owner and Executive Director: Reinhard G. Dollinger

In 1991, Reinhard G. Dollinger joined the well reputed auctionhouse Dorotheum in Vienna as Specialist for Ancient Art. In the beginning as a freelancing specialist in the Numismatic Department, and later on in 1993, switch to the Art & Antiques Department, initialising internationalisation of Ancient Art. As of 1994, Mr Dollinger produced twice per annum a subject catalogue with special auctions of antique items.

Parallel activities: In 1992, Mr Dollinger founded his own company “Kunst der Antike” (Ancient Art). In series production of four illustrated stock lists – mainly containing ancient coins and numismatic literature. In 1995, opening of the premises in the old Center of Vienna. Numerous publications and comments in collectors journals and magazines.

In 2002, the Gallery was proudly opened, located near the Center of Vienna, just across the birthplace of Franz Schubert and a few minutes from the University of Vienna. Ongoing exhibitions.

In October 2004 changing to the new location at First district, in the heart of Vienna.

Exhibitor at many national and international Coin and Antiquities Fairs, among others Numismata (Munich/Germany), Numismatic Trade show Riccione (Italy), Coin Exhibition Salzburg, Danube Adriatic Coinshow (Vienna and Triest/Italy), Art and Antiques Show Palais Auersperg (Vienna) …

Ancient items on loan for various museum exhibitions, such as “Saint Severin between Roman Period and Migration of Peoples (Museum of the City of Enns-Lauriacum 1982); Cast and Mould (Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna 1986).

Mr Dollinger’s specialization:

Ancient Art – jewellery and items of practical use of the periods Prehistory, Classical Antiquity and Early Middle Ages.

Ancient Coins – Greek, Celtic, Roman, Byzantine.

Archaeological literature – antiquarian as well as inprint books.

Ancient Art
Drahtgasse 2 (Pedestrian area Judenplatz)
A-1010 Vienna

Mo-Fr: 11 am to 1 pm and from 3:30 pm to 6 pm
Sat: 10 am to 1 pm and from 2 pm to 4 pm

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